Rave Skull is a fashion design brand based in the heritage of early 90-ies rave and urban street culture. Lust for disruptiveness, anarchy and love for raw design, the Rave Skull collections exists in these parameters of a cultural clash between 2 worlds. Graphic and applicable designs in graffiti, futuristic and bold font-type creations that refers to free parties, urban lifestyle and raw attitude.

Skull lightning devider


We love wearing shirts, that is: We love wearing shirts that fit comfortable. That’s why we test our garments and fits to get the best quality for you. We also love prints, bright and with a lot of contrast and we don’t want that to fade or go bad. Although we tested every product on washing machines and dryers, which had good results. We don’t recommend washing hotter than 30°C and use a dryer. We cannot guaranty your equipment will give the same results as ours.

The application techniques are one of the latest in the world. These techniques give the best high contrast in color printing, which we are very proud of. The material is made of compound of rubber natural oils and inks that don’t fade and last for a lifetime.